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Javanese Women in Postcolonial Prose: Women’s Spirit and Education

Fitri Puji Rahmawati; Onok Yayang Pamungkas; Shinta Aziez; Choirun Nisa’; Umi Faizah; Farida Hanun; Husen Hasan Basri; Ta'rif Ta'rif; Eko Muharudin

Volume 12, Issue 1 , March 2024, , Pages 187-197


  Women in Eastern culture are often thought of as “the other”. Similarly, feminism in Indonesian literature is also considered a contemporary literary phenomenon in the 21st century. However, according to our research findings, feminism in Indonesian literature has been present since 1901, ...  Read More

Literature and Culture in Rene Girard's Mimetic Theory

Al-Tair Syzdykov

Volume 9, 2 (Themed Issue on Modern Realities of National Languages of CIS Countries) , August 2021, , Pages 160-169

  Great novels are always born out of an obsession that has been overcome. This is René Girard’s summary of what he considers the most important project in all the fiction. Scientific novelty of this study is determined by the fact that Girard not only follows his early observation but also ...  Read More