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A Contrastive Analysis of Clitic Morphemes in English and Kazakh

Dariga Toluspayeva; Aliya Shukan; Aigul Aratayeva; Bakhyt Ayazbayeva; Irina Grigoryeva; Nurgul Issabayeva

Volume 12, Issue 2 , September 2024, , Pages 62-73


  The present article demonstrates a comparative analysis of clitic morphemes in English and Kazakh languages. Clitics, according to the linguistic phenomenon, have a peculiar specificity as elements that do not have an independent lexical meaning but, at the same time, play a significant role in the construction ...  Read More

Textuality of Idiomatic Expressions in Cameroon English

Napoleon Epoge

Volume 4, 1 (Special Issue on African Cultures and Languages) , March 2016, , Pages 45-57

  The meaning of an idiomatic expression cannot be transparently worked out from the meanings of its constituent words due to its figurative and unpredictable nature. Consequently, the syntactic composition and the structural paradigm of an idiomatic expression are supposed to be the same in every context. ...  Read More