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Affixation in Morphological Word Formation and Construction of Lexemes in the English and Kazakh Languages

Dariga Toluspayeva; Olga Shubina; Kulshira Apshe; Aliya Shukan; Gulara Nurguzhina; Asmagambetova Batima Mirambaevna

Volume 12, Issue 1 , March 2024, , Pages 326-336


  The study presents an analysis of affixation in the morphological word-formation context of the English and Kazakh languages. Affixation is the process of adding affixes to the base word, which consequently leads to the formation of new words with changed lexical and grammatical meanings of the derived ...  Read More

The Conceptual Metaphors Formed by Culture in the Functioning of the Autumn Word in the Works of Russian Poetry

Gulshat Ahmathanovna Hayrutdinova; Xiaoxu Wang; Xinxin Zhang

Volume 9, Issue 3 , September 2021, , Pages 91-100

  It is obvious that investigating a text or a poem, regardless of the culture of the period in which the writer or poet lived, is futile. The current study explores the conceptual metaphors formed by culture in the functioning of the autumn word in the works of Russian poetry. The relevance of the work ...  Read More