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1 Kazan Federal University, Russia

2 Turan-Astana University, Russia


In the current study, we are trying to talk about stereotypes of perceptions of two peoples historically connected with each other - Russians and Tatars. An attempt was made to restore at least part of the mosaic composed of history from these mutual images. For this exciting topic, proverbs representing a kind of paremia served as factual material. In proverbs and sayings of the Russian people, one can observe stereotypes about the Tatars. Proverbs are interesting in that, with the help of these units, you can explore the cultural and psychological aspects of the people.The primary research method was descriptive-analytical with its main components: observation, generalization, and interpretation. For a comprehensive analysis of the linguistic features of speech, a comparative historical method was also utilized, which allows you to identify some trends in the development of the national literary language. During the study, comparative-typological and statistical methods were also applied.