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1 Kazan Federal University, Russia

2 RUDN University, Russia


The current study attempted to focus on periphrases with the general meaning of a person who created/founded something. Based on the analysis of the Russian printed periodicals (2009-2020), the authors found that this semantic group of periphrases is serial (typical). The studied group of descriptive names of a person is built according to the genitive model. The periphrase composition includes one of the following supporting components: a creator, a father, a founding father, a godfather, a mother, or an architect. The idea of ​​“creation” is accurately expressed without additional semantic increments by the creator lexeme; other supporting components differ in semantic, figurative, and evaluative meanings and connotations. The variable qualifying component of the considered group of periphrases complements the meaning of the descriptive nomination supporting component, indicating the sphere of social activity in which the subject named by the periphrase has manifested himself (as a rule, this is politics, business, art, sport, or science).