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L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Republic of Kazakhstan


Great novels are always born out of an obsession that has been overcome. This is René Girard’s summary of what he considers the most important project in all the fiction. Scientific novelty of this study is determined by the fact that Girard not only follows his early observation but also has been supporting and developing it for fifty years. This observation made in his first book, “Deception, Desire, and Novel”, lays the foundation for a theoretical background for his further work. This structure is mimetic theory. It deals with the phenomenon of mimetic desire in both literal and non-literal ways. The practical relevance of the study is determined by the fact that, according to Girard’s work, there is no more suitable tool for overcoming mimetic obsession than fiction. Girard referred to his collection of favorite novels and dramas while insisting that literature is no longer that significant for him as it has been before.