Document Type : Original Article


1 Tyumen Industrial University, Russia

2 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

3 Bunin Yelets State University, Russia

4 Moscow Polytechnic University, Russia

5 Kazan Federal University, Russia


This research investigated the effects of teaching English cultural-oriented materials on enhancing the speaking fluency and accuracy of Russian EFL learners. To do so, 75 Russian intermediate EFL learners were chosen from 99 students at an English language institute, Moscow, Surgut Branch of IUT, Russia. The participants were randomly divided into two experimental groups (fluency and accuracy) and a control group. The respondents of the experimental groups received the treatment (English cultural-oriented materials). The researchers selected some conversations containing topics related to the English culture to teach to the experimental groups. The subjects of the control group were taught some conversations without having any cultural-based content. After the instruction, all groups took the speaking post-test. The findings indicated that there were significant differences between the speaking post-tests of the experimental groups and the control group in favor of the experimental groups.