Document Type : Original Article


1 Institute for Cognitive Science Studies, Iran

2 Iran University of Medical sciences, Iran

3 Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Iran

4 University of Medical Sciences, Iran

5 University of Tehran, Iran


This study explores the metaphoric comprehension of normal Persian-speaking children, as well as theories of cognitive development and cultural and social impacts. The researchers discuss the improvement of the understanding of ontological conceptual metaphors through age growth and cognitive development, and how it helps to expand children’s thoughts and knowledge of the world. In this study, 121 normal native Persian-speaking children from the age of 5 to 13 with no language and cognitive disorders participated. Pearson correlation and one-way ANOVA were used to examine the relationships between pairs of variables. The results showed that children start to comprehend abstract concepts and primary ontological metaphors at about 5 years of age, which is in contrast with what Piaget has implied. Children’s metaphorical comprehension improved progressively with age, social, and cognitive development as other studies have also implied, and they understood more complex types of metaphors by age growth.