Document Type : Original Article


Universitas Pendidikan, Indonesia


Cultural literacy is a very important vehicle in strengthening the identity of a nation. Without cultural literacy skills, students will lose their identity and be uprooted from their character even though character education is the main program being promoted by the government. To overcome this, folklore as a literary work that is full of cultural values ​​and local wisdom should be strengthened in its learning. One of the steps taken in this research is to use mixed reality-based media to teach folklore in elementary schools. This experimental research was conducted in 16 elementary schools in six districts in West Java involving 418 students. Cultural literacy skills were measured by valid and reliable instruments. The results of this study indicated that the use of mixed reality folklore media can improve students’ cultural literacy skills. The dimension of cultural literacy that increased the most was the dimension of cultural knowledge, while the dimensions of cultural attitudes and behavior did not increase much. Therefore, by implication, the proposed mixed reality folklore media can be used to improve students’ cultural literacy skills in West Java.