Document Type : Original Article


1 M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University, Kazakhstan

2 South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University, Kazakhstan


This research article provides an overview of the works of esteemed researchers who have extensively studied the semantic meaning of color names in both domestic and foreign linguistics, as well as the linguistic expression of human emotions. The article delves into the linguistic image of the world, examining how the concept of color in national culture and the words used to express emotions can shed light on the inner world of humanity and the level of acceptance of joy and sorrow within a society. Specifically, the emotional nuances of the Kazakh language’s concept of “blue” are thoroughly explored in this article. The primary objective of this scientific piece is to cognitively analyze the emotional tone of the color “blue” within the conceptual field of color names, taking a linguistic and cognitive approach. The article scrutinizes the emotional aspects of “blue” in phraseological words from a linguistic perspective while also deeply studying their cognitive nature in linguistic and cultural cognition.