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Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


The issue of character is an important global issue to be pursued together. This study examines the educational values in Serat Sari Swara by Ki Hadjar Dewantara (KHD). The research used qualitative methods focused on hermeneutic analysis. The source of the data is Serat Sari Swara published in 1930. The results showed that Serat Sari Swara represents the values of character education. Character education values include working hard, obeying rules, living simply, patiently, conscientiously, and sincerely, courteously, courteously, and religiously. Serat Sari Swara, as an influential cultural product, not only entertains but also serves as a medium to instill positive virtues in society. These values are influenced by Javanese culture as the origin of the authors. An important implication of the research is that swara sari fiber can be a medium for character education for students and the wider community. This is expected to contribute to efforts to deal with character problems in a global context.