Document Type : Original Article


1 Taraz Regional University Named after M. Kh. Dulaty, Kazakhstan

2 Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Kazakhstan

3 Nur-Mubarak University of Islamic Culture of Egypt, Kazakhstan


This article deals with the linguistic and cultural expression of the macro concept of “Family” in Kazakh and Dungan proverbs. Specific ethno-cultural features, and domestic and continuity of the Kazakh and Dungan languages were analyzed. The worldview of both peoples regarding the concept of “Family” was compared by means of an analysis of linguistic and cultural units related to family relations, house construction, and symbols denoting family and home. The cultures of unrelated peoples were compared and the differences in the two languages concerning the concept of “Family” were revealed in the article. As a result of the comparative analysis, many common spiritual and cultural values of both languages were discovered. Revealing and introducing to the public the spiritual culture and ethnic identity of related and non-related nationalities and ethnic groups in our country, gave us the opportunity to open new aspects of intercultural communication and save ethnic treasure.