Document Type : Original Article


1 Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia

2 Madura University, Indonesia


Protection Mantras in Madurese culture are symbols of spiritual power that are proven to provide protection and overcome various problems in Madurese society. This research aims to provide an in-depth insight into the local wisdom, spiritual values, and outlook on life in these Mantras. In collecting the data, we interacted with the Mantra practitioners through the ritual of Mantra recitation, which was performed with great sincerity. The data obtained were then analyzed using descriptive quali-tative methods and ethnolinguistic approaches. The results demonstrated that Mantra reflects local wisdom based on the principle of avoiding disturbances to others while remaining prepared to act when confronted with threats. It embodies essential spiritual values, including the courage to confront challenges, acceptance of fate, and sincerity, all underpinning a worldview that emphasizes harmony and balance. This research showed the great potential of protection Mantras to strengthen and maintain Madurese cultural wisdom. It is important to preserve them as part of a valuable cultural identity for future generations.