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1 National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia

2 Widya Mandira Catholic University, Indonesia


This study aimed to describe the flora lexicon for the reproductive health of the Tetun from an ecolinguistic perspective. The method was descriptive qualitative with an ethnolinguistic approach. The data were lexicon flora for female reproduction obtained from community leaders and traditional healers. Data collection techniques were carried out using observation, interviews, note-taking, and a literature study. Data analysis was carried out by classifying the forms, the linguistic form, and ecological categories. The results showed that there were 53 flora lexicons for reproductive health in the form of root words and derived words. Based on linguistic category, the 53 flora lexicons are classified as having animate meaning. Based on the ecological category, the 53 flora lexicons are biotic plants. Utilization of flora ingredients for reproductive health includes rhizomes, tubers, roots, bark, leaves, leaf shoots, flowers, fruits, and seeds. The method of processing is by boiling, cooking, pounding, chewing, drinking, eating, smearing, sticking, spraying, and pouring on the affected part.